Earthquake in my head. Saturday thoughts

Saturday, 11 o’clock. In this bustling Fischer’s house, the hub for fruit, wine and family, it is quiet as almost never. I’m alone with the half full wine bottles of yesterday’s tasting. After bringing cucumber peels to the guinea pigs, I put my head in the room that C left behind after five weeks. Colorful China souvenirs lie at the table, below a note, neatly written.

Dear Fischers,
I’m very happy having this chance to spend this tim with all of you. I am deeply impressed by your full-of-love family atmosphere, which makes me experience the unforgettable local life. I really appreciate the environment here: blue sky, fresh air, green trees. And this is the first time I feel how close to nature. The relationship between human and nature is super powerful. Getting along with the natural harmony in agriculture production is essential, and I saw your responsibility for sustainable food production, which shows the lofty humanitarian spirit. During the working period, I saw many kinds of insects I had never seen before. These insects make me realize the diversity of species and the charm of nature. Besides, I am very grateful to every awesome meal provided by mom. It lets me get more familiar with the food culture of Austria. (I love the food here :)) And I have been privileged to learn some ways about baking.  (Though it’s a little bit hard to buy baking materials in China) Everyone is cute and super friendly. It’s really a good place to get away from the hustle and bustly of the city. Whether it’s study or work, I believe heaven will surely care for those who work hard. Thanks for Wagram! I hope you won`t forget me hahaha. (A short Chinese girl who lives a serious life) Best wishes, C

234 words. After the first four sentences my tears are rising. What if I had to go back there? Where communist dictatorship and the hardest form of capitalism collide and put a heavy burden on people from day one. As one out of 1.4 billion. For my parents, the 50/50 chance, a retirement plan pressed into a form, forced into a specific five-year-plan-life. Poor litte Chinese Girl. You’ll stay in our hearts. Why am I born here, and you there? Coincidence / Destiny / God’s will

We must be thankful every minute for our environment in Austria, our life in Europe. To take all that for granted, as something to which we are entitled, is the greatest cynicism that can be manifested.

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